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Waning Moon Apothecary

We’re happy to be hosting a couple sweet vendors for the upcoming Goddess SWAP on Thursday May 30th!

Aubrey is an artist, herbalist, and the creator of Waning Moon Apothecary.

She makes art inspired by faery folklore, ancient myths, and the energetic properties of nature.

Aubrey will be offering faerie hair sparkles, handcrafted herbal products, and botanical artwork.

Faerie Hair is a salon quality sparkling silk adornment tied onto one strand of hair that can last for a couple weeks to several months.

Faerie Hair is 5 Strands for $15, 10 Strands for $30 or 15 Strands for $45


Cash is preffered, will accept Venmo, PayPal and Credit Cards.

Contact information:

IG: @waningmoonfae

Please rsvp at

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